Orange Starwars promotional boxGold plated plaque Machined box prototypeTwo pack painted box prototypeFoam insertsFoam inserts

Prototype for Orange/Starwars Promotional Boxes

Design agency Fold 7 came to us with a brief and design for a limited edition promotional box made from ABS plastic, to contain a unique Orange branded Starwars phone and accessories.

PEP created 3D files from marker visuals and machined a chemical wood protototype (the same material often used to make car prototypes). The prototype was painted with 2-pack paint for client sign off. PEP machined the final approved design from the chemical wood, which was then used to create tooling for the final run of 50,000 ABS plastic boxes, to be manufactured in China.

We also engraved and 24ct gold plated labels and made foam inserts for 20 boxes created as a memento for the marketing team on the project.

Design agency Fold7 commissioned PEP to create a prototype for a limited edition promotional box containing a unique Star Wars mobile phone and accessories. Fold7 created marker visuals of the box design, from which PEP designed several 3D working models. The working prototypes were visualised in 3D software, before being profiled on our CNC machine and spray painted in a high gloss finish.

We also created a small run of gold plated labels and foam inserts for the 20 gold boxes that were made as a memento for the marketing team at Orange. The prototypes were used to create tooling for the final run of 50,000 boxes for the pan-European promotion with Orange and France Telecom



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